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Coffee Vending?

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Vending's Dirty Little Secret

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From: Robert Farnham

Many years ago, my wife Patti and I found ourselves with a $15,000.00 bank loan and 5 machines that brought in a total of $43 gross income the first week.

We felt ripped off and angry, but we didn't quit

Over the next few years we built our vending company to almost a million dollars. We learned by making a lot of mistakes. Those early mistakes and our lack of knowledge almost wiped us out!

Last year my nephew asked if he could interview me for a high school project on entrepreneurship. Because of distance, I responded to his questions via email. When I finished I realized I had compiled the information that we couldn't find when we started. That information would have saved us TONS of time and money!

Have you wondered why it is so hard to find legitimate information about the coffee vending industry?
Would you like to know what the coffee vending machine business opportunity salespeople are trying to hide from you?
How can people actually lose money in the vending business?
Would you like to know the 3 Questions to ask a vending machine salesperon to find out whether they are a scam artist or not?
Would you like to know a simple way to start a coffee vending business with very little or no money (FREE machines)?
Can you really make money in the coffee vending business?'s what you get today...for FREE!!!

I've written a short report that just might save you thousands of dollars, and a ton of disappointment. If this information had been available when we started we would have avoided a lot of anxiety, worry and frustration!

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Robert Farnham

ps. In ANY real business there will be some surprises. It's a good idea to find out what the REALLY BIG ONES might be BEFORE you spend your hard-earned money!

Readers Comments

Hey Rob,
please allow me a couple minutes to thank you for giving credible, interesting, and valuable information. Also, thank you for continuing with your vending business even when things looked slim and scary.

Thank you for your good advice. I am 20 years old and I would be confident in saying that I have looked into every opportunity, idea and concept of how to make money in the way of entrepreneurship. From real estate to stock market, and from franchising to salesmanship I have seen it all "START YOUR OWN BUSINESS!, WORK FROM HOME AND LOVE IT!, GET A FREE CAR, CELL PHONE, AND CLOTHES BY TAKING OUR SURVEY!, SHOP AT THE PLACES YOU LOVE AND KEEP THE CLOTHES FOR FREE!, MAKE $18 AN HOUR BY SPEAKING PUBLICLY".
I have found that the information you provide is more credible than most of the information I have bought and looked into. It doesn't have a lot of or any, "Rah-Rah" jargon, that most opportunity info is loaded with. You know what I'm talking about.
Anyway, thank you again.
Thanks for being the uncle that didn't give up.
Best Wishes to you and your wife.
Sincerely, Brandon. ..(email on file)

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